OCFL Community Extension 0002: Flat Direct Storage Layout


This storage root extension describes a simple flat OCFL storage layout. OCFL object identifiers are mapped directly to directory names that are direct children of the OCFL storage root directory.

The limitations of this layout are filesystem dependent, but are generally as follows:


This extension has no parameters.


The OCFL object identifier is used, without any changes, as the object’s root path within the OCFL storage root.


Example 1

This example demonstrates some mappings that produce directory names that are valid on unix filesystems.


Object ID Object Root Path
object-01 object-01
..hor_rib:lé-$id ..hor_rib:lé-$id

Storage Hierarchy

├── 0=ocfl_1.0
├── ocfl_layout.json
├── object-01/
│   ├── 0=ocfl_object_1.0
│   ├── inventory.json
│   ├── inventory.json.sha512
│   └── v1 [...]
└── ..hor_rib:lé-$id/
    ├── 0=ocfl_object_1.0
    ├── inventory.json
    ├── inventory.json.sha512
    └── v1 [...]

Example 2

This example demonstrates some mappings that produce directory names that are invalid on unix filesystems; therefore this layout cannot be used in a repository that needs to be able to store objects with IDs like these.


Object ID Object Root Path
info:fedora/object-01 info:fedora/object-01
abcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghij abcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghijabcdefghij